Explore the System, Gather Your Crew, and Save Esmar from a Looming Threat!

Players: 1-6 Time: 40 min/player Age:14+

You are the Captain of more than a ship,you are the bold leader of your crew. They shall look to your leadership as you explore the system, consider upgrades, hire new members, encounter events, and fight for your very lives. Take the helm in Crews of Eridanus!

Your Decisions Shape the System’s Very Fate.

Explore the Esmar System

During your voyage, you’ll visit planets, explore wrecks, travel to space stations, and navigate asteroid fields. These locales offer various options for advancement, as well as a variety of threats to face. It’s up to you as Captain to direct us where to go.

Take Decisive Action

As you discover locations, you’ll encounter anomalies to scan, pirate ships to battle, localized and global events, and missions to undertake. Captain, will you lead us with skill and wisdom when challenging situations emerge?

Become a Space Legend

You must become the most renowned Captain in the system by forming the best crew, keeping their morale high, prevailing in battles, and uncovering the location of the secret base. It’s a big challenge. Are you up to the task?

Players: 1-6 Time: 40 min/player Age:14+

Scanners Are Sensing Life Forms Ahead!